Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sangria, cupcakes & film | the inaugural meeting 

meet the founding members:
Angela | the Marketing Pabstketteer photographer, mainly shooting live concerts and musicians from analogue to digital to experimental, have camera will travel, addicted to the Caribbean & Paris  
Brenda | the doctor, currently taking photos of her patients. the DIY'r of the group, recently made a great tilt-shift lens from a plunger and a medium format lens, Boston Terrier owner/lover 
Rob the photo major at art school, experimental photo shoots - many props come from American Science Surplus (including full size weather balloons!), in New Orleans almost every other week
Brandon | the musician, the producer, the iPhonographer resident of the group, loves green bean casserole 

the basics: 
objectives of the club | to shoot in a more relaxed environment, to shoot for the love of shooting and not always worrying about critiques, to shoot more, to explore more of where we live, to eat and drink, to be more active in learning about photography, to be more creative more often 
location | taking turns hosting camera nights at each others houses. food and drink always included. gatherings held once a month
activities | photo walks, photo road trips, exhibit tours, camera swapping, exploring photography themes, movie nights, darkroom work, group Blurb book, group photo show, guest speakers... 

"photography remixed" project #1
shoot - rewind - shoot
Everyone in the group was given a roll of film. We made sure that everyone had something different - one 120mm color, one 35mm color, one 35mm black and white, and one 35mm redscale. In the next couple of weeks we will each shoot through our roll of film. When done, we will pass it to the next person to load into their camera to shoot the double exposure. (remember, you must make sure to take underexposed photos otherwise you may get a blurry white out. double exposures are never guaranteed!) It'll be interesting to see the double exposures that we come up with. Photos will be posted on this blog after our next ALC meeting.

Polaroid wishes & Kodachrome dreams,



  1. Ok so to start off, I would like my description to be changed to reflect the fact that I take photos of my patients with their full knowledge and consent, otherwise I am just known as the creeper of the group:)

    SO here is the long awaited exposure times for those of us that are not cheating with the light meter...that is directed at you rob. Just kidding. These are for the Diana, but don't see a reason why they would not be valid for the holga or fisheye.

    ISO 400 film:

    Daylight: Set the shutter to the N setting which just drops the shutter immediately, no need to hold it open. Then set the apperture to the correct light settings for the conditions, ie sun for full sun, part cloud for partly cloudy, full cloud for cloudy.

    Lit indoors: Set the shutter to the bulb or "B" setting, set the aperture to the cloud and open shutter for about 1 second, but no more than that.

    Night time: "B", aperture to cloud, and shutter open for between 20-60 seconds. I have gotten good exposure at lit oudoor places like the museum at about 30 seconds.

    ISO 100 Film:

    Daylight: N shutter setting andthe aperture to on step smaller ie use the cloud when it is partly cloudy out or the partly cloudy when it is sunny out.

    All other conditions, just double the exposure time of the ISO 400 film.

    ********This is for full exposure, to underexpose, I plan on cutting the exposure times in half*********

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else or if this doesn't make sense.


  2. thanks Brenda, this is perfect!

    alrighty folks, lets get the cameras loaded and shoot some film. next month when we meet we'll do the film swap and see what kind of crazy double exposures we can get. lovin this project already.

    PS - Brenda, you are not a creeper! we'll get your info updated :)