Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a photowalk in Bayview

The ALC met again last night and a new member joined the crew. Welcome Dylan! Dylan is Brenda's neighbor and currently is a house photographer for The Rave. He also brought over a slew of fun film cameras including one fabulous waist-level viewfinder camera. The perfect reminder that I need to get one since they are the perfect camera to use for street photography.

We went for a photowalk around Bayview on one of the windiest days of the year. It feels like Chicago around here lately. After the rolls were finished, we headed back for another fest of appetizers... cheddar/bacon stuffed mushrooms, basil & garlic pasta salad, cherry salsa & chips, bread cheese, Mexican corn, graham crackers with maple frosting, and lemon-blueberry cake. This is a big reason why camera club nights rule - yum!

We exchanged the rolls of film we shot and loaded up our cameras for round two. Next mission = shoot our new roll of film for the double exposures. We'll bring the films to the next meeting and I will take them all in to get processed at the same time. Plan to see a post of these images when the project is complete! 

Until then, a teaser of a few images from the new Diana Mini. A post is in the works with a review on this fun little camera. 




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